8 Mistakes About December Umrah Packages

Umrah is the Holy journey that Muslims perform to seek the pleasure of Allah Almighty. Although, Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. Muslims also perform Umrah in the remembrance of Holy Prophet PBUH. When pilgrims are performing Umrah for the first time, they make very common mistakes. It is because they do not take complete guidance before going to perform the Umrah journey. You can get complete guidance from Eiman Travels. Besides this, you can also get Umrah packages December 2022.

The pilgrims need to get complete information and guidance regarding the rituals of Umrah. When you will get complete guidance about the Umrah journey then you will try to avoid these mistakes. In this article, we will let you know about these common mistakes that you need to avoid during your Umrah journey. We hope that after reading this article, you will not make such mistakes when you will go to perform Umrah this December with December Umrah packages.

Common Misconceptions

The common mistakes that pilgrims make during their Umrah journey are discussed here. Let’s put a sight on these mistakes.

Change In The Intention Of Umrah

The intention is also called Niyyah. Performing Niyyah or making an intention is an important part of the performance of the Umrah journey. Allah Almighty rewards us when we perform Umrah. But the rewards mainly depend upon the intention. There are types of Umrah so you have to decide first what type of Umrah you are going to perform.

You can change the intention of Umrah before entering the state of Ihram. But once you have entered the state of Ihram and performed Niyyah then you cannot change the type of your Umrah. If a person has to change the intention after entering the state of Ihram then he or she can change it from Mufradah to Tamattu but cannot change it from Tamattu to Mufradah. It is a common mistake most people make when they perform Umrah. You must have to avoid it when you go to Umrah in December with December Umrah packages.

Changing The Clothes Of Ihram

Another misconception made by people during the Umrah journey is that you cannot change the clothes of Ihram. People have a wrong belief that they cannot change their Ihram clothing during the performance of Umrah. But it is a wrong concept. You can change the Ihram clothing when you find it necessary. Pilgrims cannot permanently exit the state of Ihram but they can change the Ihram clothes when needed. The exit from the Ihram requires the completion of all rituals of Umrah but changing Ihram clothing has no such requirements.

Touching the Holy Kaaba

People think that when they touch any part of the Holy Kaaba or wipe out any part of the holy Kaaba then it will bring Barakah for them. But it is a misconception in their minds. It is because we have no Hadith or Sunnah about this concept. This concept is made by people themselves and they apply it when they go on an Umrah journey. Our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH did not touch any part of the Holy Kaaba while performing Umrah. He only touched the Black stone and the Yemeni corner. We must not make misconceptions by ourselves until we have any Hadith and Sunnah about it. So, avoid such things when you do to perform Umrah.

Performance Of Multiple Umrah

Some people think of performing multiple Umrahs to gain more rewards. They move to Masjid e Ayesha again and again for entering the state of Ihram. It is a misconception. You cannot perform multiple Umrahs on the behalf of yourself. If you want to get greater rewards then you can perform multiple Tawafs but not multiple Umrahs.

In one case, you can perform multiple Umrahs. If you are performing Umrah on the behalf of another person then you can perform Umrah more than one time. The Umrah that you perform on behalf of another person is the Umrah Badal. So, when to go to perform Umrah then try to avoid the mistake of performing multiple Umrahs.

Distant Kissing Of The Black Stone

There is a lot of crowd during the performance of Tawaf. Kissing the black stone is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH but due to the crowd, some people are unable to reach the Black Stone. These people stop during their Tawaf and face the black stone. They put their hand up into the air to kiss the Black Stone.

Keep in your mind that it is not the Sunnah to do distance kissing. When Holy Prophet PBUH performed Umrah, he used to kiss the Black Stone but if the place was crowded enough then He only points towards the Black Stone and says, Allahu Akbar. You must do the same when you go to perform Umrah. Eiman travels is offering the best December Umrah packages for you.

Acceptance Of Dua At The First Glance Of Holy Kaaba

Some people believe that their Dua will be accepted when they will make Dua at first glance at the Holy Kaaba. There is no Hadith or Sunnah related to this concept. Moreover, there is no such concept in shariah. You will not find any evidence about this concept. While performing Umrah, you are very close to Allah Almighty so you can make Dua at any time and Allah Almighty will surely accept it. Get a chance to make Duas by December Umrah package.

Shouting Duas In The Form Of Groups

People believe that shouting Duas in the group will make Dua to be accepted early. They make a leader of their group shout a Dua and all others repeat that Dua after him. It is the wrong way because it can cause disturbance for all other pilgrims.

You must know that Allah Almighty is very close to your heart and he can hear the things even which you cannot speak. Then why there is a need to make Dua shout? Make Duas in your heart and if you want to make it with your tongue then make it quietly so that other pilgrims should not be disturbed by it. Avail of the December Umrah packages and make Duas in front of the Holy Kaaba.

40 Rakats prayer in Madinah

The majority of people think that praying 40 Rakat Nafl in Madinah is compulsory. It is a wrong concept. Staying in Madinah is not part of Hajj and Umrah. Muslims find it good to spend most of the time in the Prophet’s Mosque but it is wrong to think that praying these 40 Rakats are necessary. It all depends upon your own choice. If you are willing to pray 40 Rakats prayers then you can offer it but it is not a part of the rituals of Hajj or Umrah.

Moreover, December is a good month and the weather is very pleasant in this month. You must prefer to perform Umrah this month. Eiman Travels is offering December Umrah packages to you to avail it and enjoy your Umrah journey in the amazing month of December.


Umrah is the Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH and Muslims find it a great opportunity to perform Umrah. But there are some misconceptions about Umrah that must need to known. I hope that after reading this article, you will come to know about the misconceptions and will avoid them. At last, check the website of Eiman Travels and learn about the new December Umrah packages.

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