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Hajj and Umrah are the major and minor pilgrimages respectively. Group Umrah packages are featured short and simpler rituals. It cleanses our body, soul, and mind as well. Performing Umrah is not an obligation on Muslims. They perform it as a Sunnah of our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. Although, it is a recommendation for Muslims to perform Umrah once in their lifetime. It will make them close to Allah Almighty.

The Umrah journey needs planning and preparation even if it needs preparations. You must need a guide when you are going to perform an Umrah. These guides will plan your Umrah journey perfectly. Sauditours serves as a perfect guide for you. Moreover, It is your choice whether you perform the Umrah journey individually or with any group. If you want to perform Umrah in a group then you can avail of the group Umrah packages by Sauditours.

What Is The Best Time To Perform Umrah?

There are no time limitations for the performance of Umrah. But the preferable months to perform the Umrah pilgrimage are December and January as well. As we know that Umrah is a journey that requires a lot of struggle and effort. The climate of Mecca is mostly hot. You have to cover long distances and long walks. Due to this fact, the months of January and December are preferred because the weather in these two months is quite good.

Another reason for performing Umrah in these months is that it is the end of the Hajj season and the beginning of the Umrah season. So, you can perform Umrah in these two months. It is the best time of the year to perform Umrah. Moreover, Hotel bookings are easier in these months. You can avail of the group Umrah packages at the best time of year to perform Umrah with a group of people. If we put a sight in the Islamic calendar then the months of Muharram and Safar are considered good months to perform the Umrah journey.

Umrah Visa:

There is a special Visa for Umrah pilgrims. This visa is issued by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a special kind of Visa that is given to the Umrah pilgrims which are valid for almost 30 days after the date of its issuance. When you have to apply for the Umrah Visa, you have to make a contact with the travel agencies. Sauditours are the best options for you to issue your Umrah Visa. Moreover, we are giving you the Umrah packages 2022 by which you can perform Umrah this year.

How To Reach Mecca When You Are Going To Perform Umrah?

The nearest airport to Mecca is the King Abdul Aziz International Airport. This airport is situated in Jeddah. This is the place where your plane will land. From this very airport, you have to take a cab. This cab will transfer you from the airport of Jeddah to Mecca City. Hence, this is the easiest way to reach Mecca City from the Jeddah airport.

If you want to see Mecca City and the religious places inside this city then you can choose a bus or a taxi as well. The pilgrims performing Umrah sometimes also buy a car to rent. Anyways, this is your own choice to choose the convince. You can visit Mecca City and the religious places by any transport that you can afford. The same places are near Mecca at some walking distance. So, you can visit these places by walking on your feet as well

What Are The Important Rituals Of Umrah?

Pilgrims earn many rewards in life when they perform Umrah. Even when they think of and make an intention to perform Umrah, Allah Almighty sends his blessings to that person. The rewards of performing Umrah are not only in this life but these rewards are for the afterlife also. Allah Almighty makes that person the luckiest one who visits His Holy House. There are special group Umrah packages for you at very reasonable and affordable prices.

There are four rituals that pilgrims have to perform for the completion of their Umrah pilgrimage.

  • The first ritual is to enter the state of Ihram. It is obligatory to enter the state of Ihram for every pilgrim before starting their Umrah. Muslims visit Masjid e Ayesha for entering the state of Ihram. It is the state of purity that every Muslim has to enter before going in front of the Holy Kaaba for performing Umrah.
  • The next ritual I’d to perform is the Tawaf of Kaaba. This process is to take the rounds of Kaaba seven times. This circling should be in an anticlockwise direction. You must know the direction of performing Tawaf around the Holy Kaaba.
  • Moreover, the third ritual among the rituals of Umrah is Sa’i. The pilgrims have to walk between the hills of Safa and Marwa. During this walk, you have to recite the supplications as well. After the completion of this walk, pilgrims move towards the fourth and last ritual of their Umrah journey.
  • Lastly, for the completion of the Umrah journey, pilgrims have to perform Halq or Taqsir. Males have to perform the Halq and females have to perform Taqsir. Halq is the complete shaving of the head. On the other hand, Taqsir is the minor trimming of hair equal to or less than the size of the fingertip. After performing this last ritual, your Umrah journey is completed.

Accommodations Near The Grand Mosque:

Pilgrims try to get accommodation near the Grand Mosque. An unlimited number of people visit the House of Allah Almighty every year. They perform the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet PBUH and pay respect to Allah Almighty by performing the sacred journey of Umrah. When there is a lot of crowd in Mecca then it is a difficult task to take accommodation near Masjid-Al-Haram. But still, people try to get accommodation near it.

The accommodations near the Grand Mosque depend upon your budget that what kind of hotel are you demanding and how much you are going to pay for it. Sauditours have group Umrah packages in which there are accommodations which are near the Grand Mosque. Hence, these accommodations include:

  • Park Inn by Radisson Mecca Aziziyah
  • Pullman Zamzam Mecca
  • Millennium Mecca Al Naseem
  • Hyatt Regency Mecca Hotel
  • Dana Al Taj
  • Wisam Al Taj Hotel
  • Malik Ajyad Hotel
  • Jawad Al Taj Hotel

Ziayarat Guide For Mecca:

When you visit a Holy place or a tomb or a shrine then it means that you are performing Ziayarat. There are many Ziayarat and holy places in Mecca and Madinah. The pilgrims who are performing Umrah visit these holy places and refresh their faith in Allah Almighty and his pious people. Although, every Muslim who visits Mecca and Madinah to perform Umrah must visit Ziayarat.

Some of the Ziayarat are here. Let’s put glance at them.

  • Masjid e Ayesha
  • Quba mosque
  • Jabal Al Noor
  • Masjid-e-Nabvi
  • Qiblatayn Mosque
  • Uhud mountain

There are many other Ziayarat that you can perform by taking our group Umrah packages.


In short, the Umrah journey is a transformative and sacred journey for Muslims. This journey brings you closer to Allah Almighty. After reading this article, you must’ve gotten information about the rituals of Umrah and a complete guide that how you can perform the Umrah journey. In last, we remind you that Sauditours are giving the best group Umrah packages for you. So, come and avail the Umrah packages. We wish you a piece of very good luck.

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