The 5 Best Things About How Do I Know My German Shepherd Loves Me & Is Happy? (21 Reasons)

Sometimes it isn’t easy to read a dog’s emotions. We wish they could tell us how they feel instead of sending us a message. It’s not always apparent whether they are happy or sad all the time. In addition, you may find it challenging to understand whether your German shepherd loves you.

The 5 Best Things About How Do I Know My German Shepherd Loves Me & Is Happy? (21 Reasons)
I would like to say that I am sure your German Shepherd loves you a lot, so please do not worry about it. The second thing I wanted to do was put together a list of signs to look out for so you can determine if your German Shepherd is happy or not. I want to start by giving a brief explanation of the love and happiness of German Shepherds…

Would you mind telling me how I can tell if my German Shepherd is happy? There are many signs that a German Shepherd is happy and loves you, including wiggly bottoms, a relaxed body, the ability to be playful, a good appetite, and the absence of destructive behaviour. These are just some ways you can tell your German Shepherd loves you and is happy with you.

How can I tell if my German Shepherd is happy and loves me?


Observing how your dog interacts with you is one of the easiest ways to determine whether or not it loves you. In the case of a German Shepherd, look for the tail wagging when it notices you coming around and the energetic jumping in excitement when it sees you coming home after a long time away. A dog’s festive displays of affection can be thought of as the dog’s way of saying, “I love you!” It would be best to consider how your dog reacts when you scratch or pet him. For instance, if he tilts or lowers his head or leans into your hand, this signifies he feels relaxed and secure. A dog will likely become relaxed and unconcerned when interacting with you, which strongly indicates that he trusts and loves you very deeply. If you spend time with your dog watching movies, going for walks or playing games, you can be sure that it will love spending time with its favourite person – YOU!

1. Your German Shepherd has what appears to be a smile


We have a German Shepherd dog at home, and it has a signature look on its face that looks an awful lot like a smile to us. There was never a time when we thought that dogs would be able to express themselves so obviously, but it appears that our dog is doing just that. When we come home from work, it gets this huge grin on its face, and the crooked teeth of its mouth can be seen from across the room when we see it. As soon as we call out its name and rub it behind its ears, we swear that it beams with joy and happiness. It’s almost as if it knows how happy we are just by being around it. Even though it is in a deep sleep, its subtle smile always shines through – a further demonstration of how fantastic creatures dogs are – even when they are asleep.

2. Your German Shepherd does bottom wiggles and tail wags


Watching my German Shepherd do bottom wiggles and tail wags is the most rewarding feeling in the world! A wave of enthusiasm radiates off of him as he lives life to the fullest. He is such a happy dog that all it takes is the slightest hint that something exciting will happen for him to be full of excitement and joy. As I watch him wiggle his bottom and wag his tail, I am constantly reminded of how much he loves adventuring with me or simply being around people who make him happy. No matter what happens, I know that no matter what happens, I will be able to experience pure, unabashed joy when he’s around.

3. Your German Shepherd gives you the big puppy dog eyes

​​There is something very special about seeing my dog look into my eyes with those big, loving puppy dog eyes every time I see him. Whenever the dog’s soft fur is paired with its gentle bark and the soft fur of the dog’s body, I cannot help but soften up and feel nothing short of admiration and affection for the dog. Since I brought this dog home as a puppy, he has been with me through thick and thin. There will never be a time in my life when I will forget all the times they have shown unconditional love and loyalty towards me, even when it seemed like everyone around us did not care about what was happening. The big puppy dog eyes this dog gives me are yet another reminder of how much I can count on him to be by my side no matter what.

5. Your German Shepherd shows no aggression


Having a dog that shows no aggression at all is a beautiful thing to see. For those of us who own German Shepherds, this news may come as a bit of a surprise – after all, they are known for their guard dog instincts. We want our four-legged friends to show nothing but love and affection to anyone and everyone, whether they are family or strangers. That’s why it is such a relief when our loyal German Shepherds are comfortable being around anyone without feeling the need to bark or lunge at them in any way; this is a sign that the dog is delighted and relaxed, which is beneficial to everyone involved.

6. Your German Shepherd has a relaxed body


Seeing my German Shepherd’s body relax as his eyes drift close is one of the most rewarding experiences I have had as a dog owner. Currently, he rests his head on the ground, his silky fur pressed lightly against it as his tail fans out to one side and gave me a glimpse of his contentment as he rests his head on the ground. I find it gorgeous to watch this creature, bred for work and herding, whose ancestors spent day after day tirelessly serving their owner(s), blissfully laying down and becoming the best version of themselves — to me, this is the essence of beauty.

7. Your German Shepherd has plenty of reasons to play


Taking part in a play is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s life, and no dog is more deserving of time at play than a German Shepherd. They have a lot of energy that needs to be released! Playing with your dog regularly is a great way to keep them in shape. It can help them maintain their muscle tone, making them the most vigorous dog they can be. As well as the physical challenges it provides, puzzle toys, fetch games, and dog sports are all great forms of entertainment for your pup, not to mention the mental challenges it brings. Playtime also allows the dog and owner to bond with each other, which is an invaluable bonding experience. It will take some time each day for you to spend some time with your dog, playing in whatever way works best for both of you; that will go a long way towards deepening the bond between you and your dog.

8. Your German Shepherd does not exhibit destructive behaviour


In addition to being a source of joy, having a dog at home can also be a source of stress. It is one of the biggest fears of dog owners that their dog might damage their property or hurt itself while trying to get rid of its boredom or energy in order to relieve its boredom. As a matter of fact, I have never had to worry about this with my German Shepherd. It is always a pleasure to see her display calm behavior and to be able to rest until it is time for our next walk or game session together. As a highly-energetic breed, it must definitely be a relief for her to not have to resort to tearing up furniture in order to express her excitement when she is excited.

9. Your German Shepherd has a healthy appetite

There is no doubt that my German Shepherd dog, who is always full of energy, has a healthy appetite. It doesn’t matter what we give him – dog food, table scraps, or morsels from our own plates – he wolfs it down eagerly no matter what we give him. Even if he has already eaten all of the dog food that he is going to eat for the day, he still wants more. When we watch him devour whatever he has been given, we are only going to love him more as we watch him tuck into whatever it is that he has been given. There is something amazing about how easily we can all be won over with treats and cuddles from the dog that eats anything as quickly as it can be given to him.

10. Your German Shepherd sticks their tongue out

I have a German Shepherd named Sticky, who loves sticking her tongue out when she is happy. When I tell her something exciting and give her a treat, she cannot help herself from getting excited. Her tongue winds its way out of her mouth and hangs by the side as if she is waggling it at me to get my attention. It makes me smile just to watch her like this. I love this little quirk of hers; it always reminds me of how much our bond has grown since I adopted her four years ago and how special it has become.

11. Your German Shepherd has a healthy coat

As soon as you walk into your home and see your dog, the first thing you notice is their coat. If it gleams in the light, this is a sure sign that your dog’s health is in good shape, and this is especially true for German shepherd dogs, who tend to have shiny coats. By regularly grooming your dog with appropriate products and having them professionally groomed every few months, you can ensure their coat stays healthy and soft to the touch. In addition to giving off a great aesthetic, it also keeps the person feeling comfortable and healthy throughout the day. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your dog stays healthy and happy both inside and outside your home.

12. Your German Shepherd wants to be close to you

A special kind of love comes from having a dog in your life. It is especially likely that a German Shepherd will form a strong connection with you as they crave human interaction and frequently desire to be close to their owners. After a long day of work, there is nothing better than coming home to be greeted by your loyal dog after a long day of work! Because every dog has its personality, you’ll soon discover what yours is most interested in; whether it’s spending time outside, playing fetch, or just cuddling up on the couch, it will be clear that your four-legged furry friend adores spending time with you.

13. Your German Shepherd follows you like a shadow

There is no doubt that my dog, a German Shepherd, is always by my side. Because of the way he follows me around like a shadow, I have given him the name Shadow. When I adopted him, he was just eight weeks old; since then, he has never stopped watching me with his eyes. It doesn’t matter where I go in the house. He follows me closely. Once I settle down on the couch to watch television, he jumps up as soon as I get up from the couch. It’s almost as if he is scared of leaving my side – it shows how loyal and trusting a dog he is – what an incredible dog he is! I have formed a strong bond with him over the past few years, and I look forward to spending every moment we get together in the future.

14. Your German Shepherd will give you German Shepherd kisses

There is no doubt that dogs are incredibly loving and devoted companions. When it comes to German Shepherd owners, there is an extraordinary way in which they can feel the affection of their dog – German Shepherd kisses! You can typically expect little dog kisses to be filled with lots of love and saliva from your dog, but most dog owners agree that feeling their dog’s love is worth the effort. It doesn’t matter whether you want quick sloppy kisses throughout the day or more generous smooches. Your pup will happily tell you how much he cares through enthusiastic licks and tail wags. If you allow your German Shepherd to shower you with kisses now and then, you can show them how much you love and appreciate them.

15. Your German Shepherd will bring you their toys

You can bring great joy to your life by playing with your dog’s toys. Whenever I see my German Shepherd, he always seems to be carrying a toy in his mouth and beams with pride as if he just made a huge discovery! When I see something like this, I am delighted at his enthusiasm and curiosity – and often find myself playing fetch or tug of war with him as we laugh together as we play together. The toys he brings to me every time he returns them to me are much more than just an object to him – they provide a way for us to bond and connect each time he brings them to me. As a result of his never-ending fascination with these objects, we are blessed with moments of pure joy in our lives that make all the dog-related chaos worthwhile in the long run.

16. Your German Shepherd will yawn back at you

As we all know, dog owners enjoy a special bond between themselves and their furry companions, and few dog breeds create a bond as strong as those between German Shepherds and their owners. In addition to being intelligent, loyal, and communicative, these dogs can communicate with us in such a way that it appears they understand us when we speak to them. One of the fascinating things about dogs is that they will undoubtedly yawn back at you when you yawn. You can end up locked in a staring contest with your dog when you yawn because your dog will, without a doubt, yawn back at you. There is no way to know what thoughts are running through your partner’s head, but to experience the connection it creates between the two of you is nothing short of magical.

17. Your German Shepherd will raise their eyebrows

As a dog owner, it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences in your life, and one of the most popular breeds of dogs is the German Shepherd. Your German Shepherd might not be aware of it, but he or she will raise his or her eyebrows when something catches their attention or interest. How they express themselves naturally is just an extension of how they express themselves. Although there is a common characteristic of this breed, a lot of people fail to recognize it. You will likely find that if you observe your dog closely, you will find that they adopt this habit regularly, and this is another indication of their personality from the standpoint of your pet.

18. Your German Shepherd will want to jump up on you

There may be a temptation to encourage your dog to jump up on you in order to greet you, but you will want to discourage your dog from doing so. A German Shepherd is a larger dog that requires careful training, and this type of behavior should be discouraged from an early age in order to ensure proper dog behavior in the future. Whenever your dog leaps up on you when you come home, have a toy or treat ready that will be an appropriate response: exclusive access to the toy or an edible morsel will keep your dog occupied and distracted until he has learned that jumping is not an acceptable behavior. Alternatively, you can give them a gentle pat and ask them to sit down before rewarding them – in this way, they will learn quickly that they need to wait for an invitation before attempting it again. This training method can be used to prevent incidents of your German Shepherd jumping up on other people if it is done consistently over time.

19. Your German Shepherd will roll over

Seeing your dog eagerly perform a trick you have worked hard to teach them is one of the cutest things you will ever see. If you live with a German Shepherd, watching him roll over can be a delight that can bring joy to anyone who witnesses it. It is only through patience and dedication that both the dog and the owner will be able to feel the love and pride of the accomplishment together. Aside from the fact that it can be a very enchanting sight to watch, learning tricks like rolling over is a great opportunity to stimulate dog and owner alike, thus allowing for a stronger bond between dog and owner. If you can unleash the potential in your German Shepherd through adequate training, you will always reap the rewards of your effort!

20: Your German Shepherd will let out a little sigh

With its warm nature, the dog is usually viewed as a toy, a pet, or even a human’s best friend. It would let out an audible sigh with its warm nature. The German Shepherd is one of the classic dog breeds that has a reputation for being one of the most loyal and true to their owners. It can be easy to forget just how intelligent they are, but the fact that they hear this little sound reassures us that they are bonded to their owner. I have never experienced anything more rewarding than having your dog let out a contented sigh as soon as you walk into the room, expressing its appreciation for your love and care for such a long time. This little moment is just confirmation that the dog knows it has your unconditional love and will always be there for you.

Signs of a depressed German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is an excellent and loyal companion, but unfortunately, they have also been known to suffer from depression in some cases. There are several signs that a dog is suffering from depression, which include withdrawing from family and social activities, sleeping excessively, hiding in corners of the house, changes in eating and drinking habits, a lack of interest in activities they once enjoyed, a lack of ability to concentrate on commands or tasks, a lack of energy, outbursts of aggression or destructive behaviour, excessive licking or chewing themselves raw, and a general feeling of apathy. Suppose you think your German Shepherd might be depressed due to environmental changes or lifestyle changes. In that case, it may be a good idea to consult your veterinarian for advice on treating this type of disorder.



In conclusion, owning a dog has many benefits that go far beyond the emotional support that it provides. There is no doubt that dogs provide companionship and the opportunity to learn responsibility from them. There is no doubt that dog ownership can be a rewarding experience that enriches both the owner and the dog if they treat their dogs with respect, take good care of them, and train them well.


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