The Complete Guide To Video Advertising

Ruling the digital landscape, video advertising knows the hidden cave to growth. The virtual world is now majorly influenced by the videos. Thus, you can’t put your business at stake by overlooking it. With 2023 fast approaching, almost every industry has jumped on board with video advertising to make their brand more visible. If you are not using it as your weapon for increased visibility, your competitors, however, are certainly doing it. Staying a step ahead needs to be your priority, and video advertising is the right push for it.

What Is Video Advertising?

The promotional content used before and after the video content is known as video advertising. It is a remarkable and compelling marketing strategy widely used by brands to entice viewers and deliver the intended concept. Whether you are narrating a story or want to promote a product, video ads will work for you.

What are the current video advertising trends?

With the fierce competition in the field, you can’t simply create the video and share it. To connect with the audience, video ads production considers current trends. The digital realm is not static, nor should your video ad be. With new developments come new trends that you need to adapt to.

Varying lengths according to channel

Though you are not limited in terms of ad timing. However, some of the aspects do define the ideal length for the video ad. Youtube, being the largest video platform, allows six-second long ad videos. In contrast, the current trend is slightly different and modified. Widely used platforms like Tiktok and Facebook have made 2 to 5 minutes the ideal length of your video.

Preferring mobile views 

The use of mobile phones has significantly increased over time. Thus, people prefer watching ads on mobile screens rather than TV. People around the world are using mobile phones for brand interaction and communication. Subsequently, the growth of digital advertising will further center on cell phones, making it important to configure video for mobile before desktop.

Invading sales and marketing

The evident growth of numerous firms incorporating the video content strategy has brought it under the umbrella of sales and marketing. The changing global dimension has certainly brought changes into the realm of business. Thus, advertisers must know the significant transformation coming their way to adapt and grow with it.

What are the marketing KPIs achieved with video advertising?

Video ads production is a time-consuming and hectic process. But, what do you actually achieve with it? Deciding on the key performance indicators is important before building the foundation of video advertising. However, the three general and most important KPIs coming along with it are as follows:

  • Awareness: It assesses the number of views and increases knowledge about the brand within the audience.
  • Consideration: The idea of increased traffic towards the website or brand and people clicking on the video link
  • Conversion: The rate of changing leads into customers and the number of purchases made with the help of the video ad.

 Types of video ADs 

You can never go wrong with video advertising, but you might keep pondering which one is the right one amongst all the types.

In stream ads 

Don’t you encounter numerous ads on Facebook when watching your favorite drama? Yes! Those are the in-stream ads that come before, during, and after the video content, especially on YouTube.

Non-linear ads

Non-linear ads are played out of the video content, or you can simply say that they are overlaid. You can view the ad only if you click on the link to move further. Otherwise, these ads are not connected with any other content.

Rewarded ads

You’ve probably seen the ads while riding the subway or playing PUBG. Yes! You have got it right. Those are the rewarded ads, which bring numerous benefits related to the game to help you enjoy the perks of it.

 Why do you need to get video advertising?

Let us not waste time because the digital world has undoubtedly taught you the benefits of video editing. Let’s just simplify it:


  • Videos are always engaging and eye-catching to entice your customers and viewer attention.
  • Though they might sound like “too much”, they are easy to design and produce for numerous purposes.
  • The art of storytelling is artistically made easy and creative with video ads.
  • From Facebook to Instagram, just a few clicks and you can easily post and share video content in seconds. 
  • Without taking much time, video ads know the trick to delivering all the essential information in the best possible way. 


A complete brief on video ads will help you get onto it without wasting a minute. From understanding the pros to knowing the types, you have your grip on video advertising. Thus, you have everything sorted for you now!

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