The Perfect Custom Christmas Boxes

Christmas is that part of the year when the gift boxes sell like hotcakes. The Christmas boxes are a popular way of showing your loved ones how much you value them. These boxes spread happiness. Moreover, they are a great means to help the young ones feel the joy associated with this festive occasion. The custom christmas boxes are usually given to the kids or adults and even before Christmas to let them enter into a festive mood. You can pack anything in these boxes ranging from the sweets for the kids to the watches or jewellery items for the adult ones. 

Just as this occasion is special, it calls for the specially, and aesthetically designed boxes to correspond to the celebrations. This is why the wholesale Christmas boxes manufacturers are always striving to present the most innovatively designed boxes for this special occasion.

They make sure these boxes are made with the highest quality material and are printed exquisitely. If you are planning to get your Christmas boxes designed and delivered before Christmas, this is the time to place an order before the manufacturers become too occupied to take orders. It is always a good idea to plan ahead of time to avoid embarrassment.

Here are a few important points to ensure while you get your boxes designed by a wholesale Christmas boxes manufacturer.

Don’t Rely on Substandard Printing

Printing has a huge role to play in the overall look of a packaging box. Substandard printing can seriously tarnish the entire look of the box. It matters even more when we are talking about a gift box as important as a Christmas box. It is all about the presentation. 

Hence, you must not settle for a printing quality which is less than perfect. In order to make sure that the printing quality is top notch, you should look for those packaging companies which are using only the highest quality printing equipment. Moreover, they should have a staff which is capable enough to handle the latest machinery and bring about the best results by using it. Look for the experienced and yet enthusiastic designers.

Moreover, quality printing cannot be ensured until the company uses the high quality inks. It ensures the accuracy of colours. Besides, make sure, whether you go for the offset printing or the digital printing, the company provides the most advanced facilities for both. 

Company’s staff should be keen enough to pay attention to the minutest details including the font size, text placement, visual balance, and all such details which add up to create the bigger picture in the end. 

Go for the ‘Extras’

 If you want to move a mile ahead of your competitors, you need to pay attention to the extras. They will truly help you go an extra mile beyond the ordinary. Here the additional printing and designing options and the customization of the Christmas boxes will play a huge role in helping you stand out from the rest.

 For example, when it comes to printing, you can go for the additional options provided by many box packaging companies. These can include the gold or silver foiling the embossing, the raised ink, the spot UV and similar options which give your logo a 3D look and make it noticeable. These options may cost you a bit extra but they are worth it. 

Similarly, when it comes to the box designing, you need to be a little more creative with the Christmas boxes. If you want them to look different and be noticeable, you should go for customization of your boxes. They should be unique to be identifiable. Besides, since these are the gift boxes, do not hesitate to go for some extra decorative features. These may include the bows, ribbons, brooches, flowers, cards, etc. to let your loved ones feel special. Your gift boxes can even have pretty handles or windows etc. 

Always Ask for a Mock Up

Almost every box manufacturing company offers a complimentary 3D or flat sample for its customers before taking an order. This helps the customers in getting an idea about the final look of the box. However, it is always recommended that you ask for a physical sample, even if you have to pay something extra for it. It will go a long way in saving you the disappointment at the later stages.

Physical sample also gives you an idea about the quality of the final coating used by the Christmas box manufacturer USA. Moreover, it gives a better idea about the accuracy of size and shape of the box. You can actually ascertain the size of your box by putting the product inside it. Hence, asking for a physical sample is always worth the money you are going to spend on it.

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