Track Assets Using RFID Technology?

Do you want to track your assets in your warehouses? You will be pleased to know it is possible to track assets using modern RFID technology. In this blog, we will talk about how RFID is helping us to track objects and what are the benefits of using RFID technology in tracking.

Radio Frequency Identification RFID is not a new technology. We have been using this tech for quite some time and are familiar with it. In retail shops and inventory management, RFID has proved itself.

Let’s look at whether RFID can make its mark in asset tracking or not. RFID software companies are already selling their asset-tracking software to those with all the necessary items to track assets.

Professionals have commended RFID technology for its simple yet reliable work. Many companies need to track their items mainly because of safety reasons. Read this blog carefully to know more about how RFID is used to track items.

How Can I Track My Assets?

Suppose you have valuable assets in your warehouse that you want to track. What will you do? One of the simple yet reliable processes is to use RFID. You can use RFID technology in your warehouse to track any item you want. As the RFID uses radio waves, the signal is stable, and the equipment is easy to find.

Once you install the whole system, you don’t need to do anything more. By using central software, you can track your assets. Apart from the location of your item, you can read the data attached to it.

We will discuss it later, but the main objective of RFID tracking is to locate an RFID tag using an RFID reader. RFID tags can propagate radio waves that can be traced using readers.

Working Principle Of RFID Asset Tracking

When you want to track something, you need to attach an RFID tag with it. we will locate that tag using RFID readers and get the information stored in the tag. Essential RFID components are necessary for asset tracing. Let’s know about them briefly to know more about the tracking procedure.

Components Needed For Asset Tracking

Those familiar with RFID technology should know how important these four components are to set up the RFID technology. Here are those components.


RFID tags are essential if you want to track something. These tags are key items we need to place on the item we are looking to track. Suppose you want to track a particular machine in your workshop; you need to attach a tag with it.

Two types of tags are available in the market. Active tags are expensive but have a long range mainly because they carry their power unit. Passive tags are not much expensive but work in a smaller range. They don’t have their power unit.


The whole RFID technology is based on Radio waves. If you want to track something, you must install antennas in suitable places. Antennas are mandatory for RFID warehouse tracking. Look for professionals to get help.


Readers can track any tag by sensing its radio frequency. You can transfer data stored in the RFID tags. Look for better quality equipment to make the process smooth.

Tracking Software

Lastly, you will need tracking software to manage and oversee the full operation. When all other equipments are in place, we can easily track any object still or moving. We can also read important data that are stored in tags.

Benefits Of RFID Asset Tracking

I hope we have successfully told you how RFID is being used to track an object. As we are done with the working principle of RFID asset tracking, let’s look into some advantages of asset tracking in your workplace.

Monitor Your Assets Anytime

The main reason for installing tracking software is to monitor your assets. When you have installed all the components, you can simply go to your asset tracking software and monitor the current location of your item. One of the major advantages of using RFID is to access data stored in RFID tags.

Increase Overall Efficiency

RFID can increase the working efficiency in your workplace. It can assist the automation service and simultaneously make your process fast and efficient.

Save Time And Money

The overall cost of installing an RFID network is not much, and installing it in your workplace can save you a lot of money and time. Suppose you want to do an inventory check; you need to appoint at least a couple of persons to do the job. It will take some time for them to do the full inventory. With RFID automation, you don’t need to spend much time and money on that.

There are many more advantages of using RFID technology in your workplace. We have discussed only the important ones. We hope this blog will help you understand the basics of RFID asset tracking and its advantages. Look for professional help to set up the RFID system in your place.

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